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We specialize in the rapid procurement, deployment, repair, maintenance, and servicing of all forms of technology.
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We Identify, Integrate & Leverage Technology


On-Site Technology Support

Break/Fix Maintenance, Cabling, Wireless Installations, A/V System Services, Site Surveys, CCTV Services, IMAC

Technology Projects

Project Rollouts, Technology Refresh Initiatives, New Store Buildouts

Innovative Technology Solutions

MSP, Endpoint Management, Printer Consumables, Managed Internet Connectivity

Helping businesses leverage technology since 2015. 

Totality Solutions was born from the observation that technology often becomes more of a headache for businesses than an asset. Our team of highly qualified and experienced technicians travel across the country to install, repair, and service the technologies that help companies thrive. Technology shouldn’t weigh you down, and with our help, it won’t.

On-Site Technology Support

Totality Solutions will travel to your site to provide immediate or scheduled service to any technologies you need repaired, maintained, replaced, or upgraded.

We offer Priority 1 Level service to give you the ability to have a technician on-site in as little as one hour.  We never want your business dealing with the ripples of malfunctioning technology, so we will process your ticket in real time.

Innovative Technology Solutions

If your business is working harder instead of smarter to capitalize on your technologies, we are here to help.

  • Reduce costs with our toner & recycling program
  • Achieve reliable internet connectivity anywhere
  • Get the MSP support you need
  • Endpoint Management for the pros

National Leader 4 Years and Counting

Totality Solutions is proud to serve not only its home base of Charleston, South Carolina but the rest of the country as well. We travel to all fifty states, with a heavy focus on the southeastern states of Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. Wherever you are located, we can be there to help.

Featured Blogs & News

Totality Solutions has been exploring the expansive world of technology for years, and we are always making new realizations and discoveries. We want to make our insights available to you!

Our Review of The 5 Best Ways to Organize and Carry Your Fishing Gear – Tackle

Our Review of The 5 Best Ways to Organize and Carry Your Fishing Gear – Tackle

The Genius Parenting Hack That Uses Only a Light Bulb

The Genius Parenting Hack That Uses Only a Light Bulb

What if I told you there’s a way to use something as simple as a light bulb to encourage (and virtually guarantee) your child’s great behavior. This parenting hack is so easy that you’ll make it a permanent part of your repertoire. It’s an especially powerful tool to use leading up to Christmas, but kids care about Santa all year long!

VIDEO: Step and Touch potential animated video

VIDEO: Step and Touch potential animated video

Step and Touch Potential “the Bunny Hop” Awareness of step and touch potential, caused by ground potential rise, is important for anyone working on high-voltage power transmission systems.

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