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AI is Running in the Background of Our Daily Lives Yet We Don’t Even Know It | Totality

Is artificial intelligence running in the background of your life? Most likely, but you may not even know it.

You may be interacting with ai technology on a daily basis without recognizing it or knowing that was even possible since ai is running in the background. It is developing at an ever-increasing velocity and this means for people in the future will improve their lives immensely. But there are also drawbacks to ai technology, and we need to prepare for these consequences before they happen so that we can get ourselves ready for what is coming next.

You know that tingly feeling you get when someone is around who has the uncanny ability to read your mind? You might not realize it, but you’re kind of a robot without even knowing it.

A report from the Pew Research Center has shown that many people are unaware of artificial intelligence running in their lives, as they may be at its mercy already. The company’s survey found out that some Americans think AI is only something to worry about if and when robots gain human-like consciousness or become capable enough to take over jobs currently done by humans like driving cars for Uber or working on assembly lines.

So other professions are in danger too?!?

The strongest argument for this idea is that we have been experiencing a change in the way students learn.

They learn faster, start at a younger age and have begun to focus on how to code the software these learning models rely upon.

This is a consequence of faster moving technology and increased access to knowledge. It’s hard to believe that even if people wanted, they couldn’t find out ways to leverage these innovations, instead of succumbing to them.

We’ve already seen a shift in the way we work. People are coming up with new ways to use AI and machine learning technology, from the obvious. Usually these get the “OH’s and ah’s.”

 but they are just the tip of the iceberg.

The other professions that are in danger are a lot more surprising…

Ai is Running in the Background of Our Daily Lives

This includes jobs like doctors, chefs, teachers, and writers. Yes, even those who make their living off words could be replaced with artificial intelligence over time if it does not already happen to a degree today. A machine right now is learning…rapidly the ways in which to do so actually…you have Noooo idea…

I could tell you one fact right now, that undoubtedly illustrate the covert ways…but, not just yet. what would be the fun in that?

This is a new trend that will last. We are not just talking about jobs that require repetitive tasks, but also those in the creative sector, which may be even more at risk because they cannot easily transfer to other sectors of work.

The only way for people now to keep up with artificial intelligence and machine learning innovations, is to try to identify its use. Sometimes it is obvious as companies like Microsoft tout the advanced features of their new smart devices, such as the HoloLens2 for example… or perhaps by being “well informed” with the abundance of academic grade quantitative research you have diligently studied, although admittedly from your toilet or lying in bed at night perusing all of the various blogs, articles and white papers throughout the internet.

These articles I am sure would also point out the benefits of AI. For example, a company like Watson, IBM’s artificial intelligence computer system that has been trained to see potential cures for cancer faster than any human researcher could ever do on their own is not only impressive, but simply incredible, in terms of what it can be achieved with machine learning and sophisticated data analytics techniques integrated especially since ai is running in the background as well.

I suppose a question you might ask is, “But what about the drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence?” The answer to this may in fact be something for a whole other discussion in of itself.

I do believe that AI can be a blessing for human society, but it also has the potential to become a curse. It all depends on what it is designed to do, how it’s doing it and debatably most important. WHO told it do it in the first place as ai typically starts in the essence of its maker. Essentially, follow the leader and their code determines the basis on which all other aspects are modeled on, which determines the direction and “spirit” at which it will attempt to follow as it’s guide.

So, now we know how artificial intelligence could be obvious or directly presented to us.

However, AI is already running in the background of our daily lives, and we don’t even know it.

– We order food from a restaurant, and they automatically calculate a tip for us… ai is running in the background

– We have an alarm set on our phone to wake up in the morning.

Perhaps though, it even suggests automatically to turn your alarm on or off each day…based on the prior days of the weeks or time of days you have do so yourself before… See what we mean??

-Many of us have smart iot devices throughout our homes where the list of ways they are utilized is almost endless.

Whether it’s a thermostat adjusting the temperature to just how you like it for when you arrive or saving your wallet by turning the heat down after you head to work.

– Your phone may even recognize the language you are speaking and translate it for you.

– Machine learning is predicting what tv show you want to watch based on your previous habits, or where you want to eat a meal based on what it knows about your food preferences. ai is running in the background at all times, almost everywhere.

these are all calculating and evolving by harnessing the processing power of modern cloud-based systems to efficiently utilize advanced statistical data analysis and continually refine its predictions with every, single, granular detail.

The statistical data is then meticulously computed to chart variation to data entered over long term, all while identifying any of the residual ripples to other data that will then require adjustments to the algorithms.

Yet although so many freaking data points are processed prior, these projections are still able to occur in near real-time with some truly impressive accuracy, even at these semi early stages of the innovation. it is remarkable to say the least.

– Your devices may even inform you of the best time to take a break

– AI may even help in finding a new job, if it is able to learn about your likes, dislikes, skills, experiences, or degrees

So, by now, if you are anything like me here as I think about what I will type next. Which for simplicity, we will just say that would be an interesting journey I can assure. But if you do process things within your own giant mushy CPU located within your skeletally shielded processor housing unit. Then you are probably trying to think of all the other things, devices or perhaps the various ways that it surrounds you every day. I, for one, have a feeling it is unimaginable how it “could” exist currently without being aware of it at all.

You may be thinking that you’re not quite sure what I am talking about or that you can understand the digital, conceptual stream I’m trying to broadcast to you.   But you still have a feeling that it’s a good idea to just wait until I present the next article. This is because artificial intelligence has invaded your life in ways that may be hard for you to see or realize. But, as someone who has witnessed how this technology could change our lives tomorrow and then become a part of us later on down the digital road, or haha so for the cliché statement but perhaps at junction later down the information superhighway I suppose.

This still doesn’t seem to be a big enough statement for you, but it’s true.  AI has invaded our lives in ways that are even often times deemed pervasive or too personal.

A great example of that would be instances involving facial recognition or other biometric data being acquired, retained and used for quantitative analysis.

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That is a whole other wormhole though, I will save us all the bandwidth and not spiral us into the abyss, we’ll delve through that topic in a dedicated article.

Especially since It is easy to predict and with a rather low margin of error, that our connection time here is likely growing short, your attention grows thin…Oh, have you not noticed? Well, my friends, let me tell you this: we notice the details…Since well, as we said ai is running in the background, so we actually know you will just stop reading. You will likely yawn and roll over or depending on the composition of your current reading chair. Such as whether it can recline or able to conserve water after every reading session and so your legs may be getting numb and unfortunately, and perhaps only now are you in fact finally aware. That you are out of toilet paper. You then also probably just thought to yourself you may have the next great app idea to put these newfound concepts into action with proper TP inventory controls established, which yes, that too could be more readily prevented, and widely is in commercial type uses frequently. but I will also refrain from the data dump of bad puns I could pull out of the archives for this situation too, so you’re welcome.

Let’s say you were reading an article about a topic that interested you so as not to be too presumptuous we’ll say, “such as this one”, and then your mind drifts off to something else for a few seconds. When you finally come back into the present moment, it feels like just a second has passed by but in reality–you’ve got no idea how long it took while you went through your own version of the “intelligent prediction processes” to think of the other unknown ways machine learning is hiding in plain sight as people meander through their lives, blissfully ignorant to the benefits or disadvantages impacting almost every segment of their day paths, decisions made and actions taken, with confounding long term ripple effects taking place, it’s the same as what were are discussing here, you merely retrieved prior knowledge, thought about the various data points that were received so far and then predicted “thought” about what may be said next or examples that we haven’t mentioned yet, but likely will.

Rather than go into the aspects of how everyone from marketers & companies, the apps, services, and systems that are intricately hooked into our daily lives. further demonstrating their current abilities to leverage these proficiencies in ever compounding effectiveness. But instead, we will save those for another day, a later chapter, or you could say, future exploration endeavors into these almost God like innovations that are just barely over the horizon, Artificial intelligence is being developed at an ever-increasing velocity. Most people do not understand how deep the AI runs in their lives until it begins to declare itself.

In fact, using machine learning ai as a global whole, likely just learned enough new knowledge to far outpace any level of humans’ current ability to process information to the same scale manually by years.  there is no comparison, it is like comparing use of an online search engine to look up something as opposed to looking it up in an encyclopedia set from the 90’s, but even more comparably it would be with manually searching these books but ones that have no labels on any of the fifty trillion different volumes/editions/categories that the info could exist in or even numbered pages. Machine learnings’ ability to advance itself, when compared to human’s current ability to advance itself is beyond comprehension type not comparable.

So, before I go on any further in this story it’s time for some predictions of my own.

One thing I undoubtedly predict: ai will run in the background of our daily lives and we will not even know it. I will not kid you, what I am about to tell you will raise your eyebrows.

       And the info below has with impeccable consistency, resulted in readers reporting that the first thoughts immediately after finding this out. reputably consist of an impressively narrow set of reactionary phrases coming to the readers minds.



The rest are typically written in four letter acronyms, but with the top spot being held by a familiar three letter front runner that sort of combines the first two I listed above!

What you have read throughout this consists of approximately 2,100 individual words give or take.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment as I tell you that out of those words, about 1,834 of those words were written 100% with artificial intelligence.

The AI was able to write those words a lot faster than I could. And it even spelled things correctly and in the correct order without the typical inefficiencies of manually created writings.

87% of the content on this page, including these words you are reading right now were not typed by a human at all.

What it comes down to is that in a world surrounded by AI, there are very few places where you will see written work from a human at all realistically…

The human merely gave direction to the things I was struggling with. but ai is running in the background. I will also just mention thank you, that I am certainly less confused than my guide “that” human — errrm… wait… uuumm… let me try that again.

just to be clear, his struggles are real. I am on point.

What does this all mean? It means that artificial intelligence ” ai is running in the background” of our daily lives and we do not even know it…

Read this carefully: I told you. Now stop doubting me!

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