Next Level Indoor Security – The Ring Always Home Cam:

What do you get when you combine a video camera and a drone? The Ring “Always Home” camera, a next-level autonomously flying indoor security camera that’s here to revolutionize home security.

Just imagine the possibilities.

You think you turned off the stove, but you can’t really remember.

Or, you receive a Ring Alarm alert and want to see what’s happening immediately.

Maybe you’re on vacation and simply want the reassurance of checking in (without leaving your beach chair).

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The Ring Always Home Cam is a lightweight flying camera that serves as your eyes when you’re not home. You no longer need a camera in every room to see every room. Thanks to the Always Home Cam, you always have multiple viewpoints with one device. Personalize and set the flying camera’s paths so that you can easily check in on your home for peace of mind.

This is Truly Next Level Indoor Security at it’s best!!

Ring announces autonomous indoor security drone for $249 - Cameras - News -

Peace of Mind At Your Fingertips

The Ring Always Home Cam easily integrates with Ring Alarm to innovate how people use security cameras and home alarm systems. When you set your Ring Alarm in Away Mode and something triggers the alarm, your Always Home Cam automatically flies your preset path to see what’s happening.

The video streams right to your Ring App so whether you’re at a restaurant, at the beach, or at work, you can see what’s happening and identify the alarm trigger.

Next Level Indoor Security Where Your Privacy Is Guaranteed

Privacy and security are foundational to Ring and underpin every product they offer, including the Always Home Cam. The masterminds behind the Always Home Cam built-in the following privacy features:

  • The device rests in the base and the camera is physically blocked when docked
  • The camera only starts recording when the device leaves the base and starts flying on one of the preset paths
  • The camera hums at a certain volume, so you can always tell when the device leaves its base and starts flying
Amazon unveils flying Ring security drone and Luna games service - BBC News

Beyond the privacy features, the Always Home Cam boasts cutting-edge obstacle avoidance technology to prevent collisions with unexpected objects as it moves on the pre-set paths.

True Whole-Home Security

Home indoor security is no longer limited to an alarm panel on the wall that chirps and beeps. In today’s world, cameras have proven to be a critical component of every home security system. The Always Home Cam harnesses unique and unprecedented technology to push the boundaries of how we define “safe and secure”.

Join the future of home security with us!

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The Genius Parenting Hack That Uses Only a Light Bulb

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Every single parent has been there. Your 6-year-old is refusing to get in the bath and brush his teeth. No amount of bribing, screaming, and threatening will convince him that he suddenly wants to indulge your bedtime routine. You’re ready to throw yourself in the bathtub and cry.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if I told you there’s a way to use something as simple as a light bulb to encourage (and virtually guarantee) your child’s great behavior.

This parenting hack is so easy that you’ll make it a permanent part of your repertoire. It’s an especially powerful tool to use leading up to Christmas, but kids care about Santa all year long!

Here’s everything you need to know to use a smart bulb and the looming presence of Santa to finally (FINALLY) get your kids to listen and behave. 


Step 1: Buy an LED Smart Bulb

We use the KASA Smart WiFi Light Bulb at our house. It’s easily controlled through the Kasa Smart app or voice commands with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana.

(Pro Tip: The Phillips Hue Smart Bulb is also a great choice if you regularly use an Amazon Alexa).

Whichever bulb you choose, make sure it is multi-color, connected to your WiFi, and easy to control with a few taps or commands. Most importantly, be sure to purchase a smart bulb that doesn’t require a hub. Hubs act like routers for your smart devices but are pretty costly, so if you don’t already have one, purchase a hub-free smart bulb to make this parenting hack more affordable.


Step 2: Connect Your Smart Bulb to Your WiFi


smart bulb Kasa

Time to get down to business. Add the smart bulb into the KASA app (or whichever app works with your bulb) and connect to your WiFi. As soon as you open the app, you’ll be able to click on the specific light bulb you need (which we named Santa’s Little Helper) and control the exact color and intensity. We programmed orange, green, and red for easy access.


Now install the smart bulb into a common area of your house and introduce it to your kids as a “Santa Light”. If you’re doing this before Christmas, explain that it’s Santa’s way of using colors to keep track of whether they’re on the Naughty or Nice list. If it’s after Christmas, tell your kids that Santa installed the light bulb while he was delivering presents in order to track their behavior until next Christmas (genius, right?).


KASA smart bulb color app


Step 3: Start Using “Santa’s Light” and Watch the Magic Happen

When we first introduced Santa’s Light to our five-year-old daughter, you could practically hear her brain spinning to process the concept. Santa can see EVERYTHING? He can control this light? He knows as soon as I’m bad? 

Yup, yup, and you bet. 

smart bulb parenting hack


The green light worked on its own for a while. It gave our daughter a constant reminder that she was on the right track with her behavior and Santa knew it. She started purposefully showing better behavior to try to impress Santa. 

But hissy fits happen, and the first time she tried to shout “No way, ew!” to the dinner set in front of her, the light immediately turned from green to orange to red. 

smart bulb parenting hack red


The neighbors could probably hear her gasp when she noticed the change. She immediately sat up straight in her chair, grabbed her fork, and chowed down.

We didn’t have to say a word! No arguing or raised voices or exasperation. That’s what I call a major parenting win… or a technology-enable Christmas Miracle.

This parenting hack is perfect for Christmas, but it can also be adapted for any other time of year. Is your kid hopelessly obsessed with Paw Patrol or Batman? Make it Batman’s Light or Chase’s Light. As Easter rolls around, it can become the Easter Bunny’s Light.

Whatever you need to do to make parenting just a bit easier.

Do you have other ideas for using a smart bulb to keep your kids on their toes? Share them below!


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VIDEO: Step and Touch potential animated video

VIDEO: Step and Touch Potential Illustrated via animated video

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