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Simple Setup! No NVRs, Firewalls, or Local Server Configuration

Remote Access to Live Cameras with Secure Web Application

Camera Stores Footage on Fully Encrypted Solid-State Storage

Camera Systems Minimize Bandwidth Consumption, Reduce Costs and Complexities

Cameras Have Powerful Capabilities- Grant, Edit, and Revoke Access For Any User

Activity-Based Intelligent Search Features Automatically Identify Incidents

Verkada simplifies enterprise surveillance for schools, business, and organizations


Hybrid cloud architecture and computer vision combine to create Verkada’s completely unique all-in-one cameras.

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Modern, Secure Architecture

Verkada offers a simple, secure, and easy-to-operate system that eliminates open ports, local servers, and NVRs. All Verkada cameras are automatically self-firewalled out of the box.

How Do Verkada Cameras Stay Secure?
Every Verkada camera is self-firewalled out of the box. This safety layer prevents unauthenticated computers on the network from sending malware packets to the camera– even in the event that an attacker or virus is present on the same physical network.


How Do Verkada Cameras Communicate?
Each camera communicates only via encrypted, outbound connections, which supports an efficient and secure architecture. Video footage that’s stored on each camera is encrypted with public key infrastructure (PKI), which prevents unauthorized access- even in the unlikely event that the camera itself falls into the wrong hands.
How is Verkada Software Developed?
Verkada software is developed by U.S-based engineers. All firmware is cryptographically signed by Verkada as part of a rigorous software development lifecycle. These signatures ensure that only authentic firmware can be loaded into each camera.

Unprecedented Quality, Reliability, Scalability

You’ve never experienced a security camera system that offers the benefits that come standard with any Verkada package. Optimal video retention, unmatched picture quality, and efficient bandwidth are just a few of the benefits you can expect.

How Do Verkada Cameras Retain Video Footage?
Verkada applies a tiered, differentiated approach to meet your organization’s video retention needs without hindering your local area network. Select data is encrypted, uploaded, and made readily accessible to authorized users. Full HD video footage is stored on the camera, which has enough storage for up to 120 days of continuous recording.

To maximize recording time, footage is automatically degraded to regular HD if meaningful activity is not detected. For customers with longer retention requirements, Verkada offers a number of options.


What Picture Quality Will You Experience?
The Verkada D-series product line includes multiple cameras, which have 3, 5, or 12 MP sensors. In addition to providing a minimum of 50% more detail than 1080 full HD, these cameras use a broad color gamut and wide dynamic range to maximize clarity throughout the entire image.

Once connected, the cameras automatically tune image parameters: exposure, iris, shutter speed, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, tint, and temperature. Those parameters are continually adjusted by Verkada’s algorithms, ensuring optimal image clarity. This technology enables unparallld low-light camera performance, even in the dark of night.


How Does Verkada Preserve Bandwidth?
Compared to typical IP security cameras, which upload video footage continuously to the cloud, Verkada cameras have a reduced impact on the local area network. Viewers securely access the video after it is proxied through Verkada Command’s cloud service. Multiple simultaneous viewers do not increase local area network (LAN) bandwidth use from the cameras.

As a result, Verkada cameras work even in areas where limited internet connectivity prevents cameras from other manufacturers from operating.


Powerful Access Controls & Secure Remote Access

“Command” is Verkada’s secure web-based application that empowers administrators to easily and effectively manage access rights for their entire organization. It only takes one click to restrict or add user access to individual cameras and locations. Need to grant a new regional manager access to five locations? Verkada makes it straight-forward and painless.

How Does Verkada Enable the Sharing of Footage?
The powerful Command app makes it easy to securely share video footage with approved third parties, such as law enforcement and legal professionals. You can export footage or easily grant expiration-dated access by inviting these partners to your secure account.

With Verkada, you can even remotely share a camera’s live feed in real time via SMS- a potentially life-saving feature during instances of active threats and prolonged security breaches.


What Video Analytics Can Verkada Offer?
Verkada’s software automatically scans footage using its activity-based indexing system. It also logs and charts periods during which specific motion is detected. Using the web interface, it’s easy to search a camera’s historical footage by selecting areas of interest within the frame.

Verkada then systematically surfaces all footage in video clips where motion has occurred in the selected grid. Once you identify the footage you’re looking for, you can easily export the clip as an MP4 or share the link via SMS or email.

How Does Verkada Use Computer Vision?
Verkada’s cameras are always evolving. With object detection, you can filter event-motion footage by people or vehicle activity to accelerate incident resolution. Valuable analytics on the number of people and vehicles are available at any time.

Verkada cameras also optimize bandwidth usage with people and vehicle activity in mind. Notifcations can even be configured to alert you when people or vehicles are detected, limiting false positive alerts from non-human activity.



What People Are Saying

We’ve jumped 10 years head, from where we were just a year ago.”

City of Parkersburg, Police Chief

After using Verkada for thirty minutes, you feel like you’ve been using it for years. There isn’t much of a learning curve.” Zionsville Community Schools

We have the confidence that we’re protected because the Verkada system works as it should. ” Coastal Family Health Center

Whether you’re a school, doctor’s office, retail store, library, or anything in between, security is essential.

Verkada’s innovative security system makes it possible to embrace the best that 21st century technology has to offer to maximize safety and protection.

Browse this ebook to learn more about the cutting-edge strategies that set Verkada apart from the rest.

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