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Hybrid cloud video security- have you heard of it?

Maybe not, because it’s the newest and most innovative method of video security available.

You definitely know all about the cloud- after all, we live in the age of Google.

But now organizations of all kinds, from schools to retailers, are starting to realize that the cloud is so much more than a place to store documents and meeting agendas. In fact, the cloud is the ultimate place to deploy simple and scalable video surveillance.

As an IT Manager, we know that you have dozens of video and security surveillance options available. We also know that each of those options are weighed down by their own unique drawbacks, some of which can doom your system from the start.

We don’t want you pouring your carefully calculated security budget into a CCTV money pit, so we’re here to introduce the new, exciting possibility of hybrid cloud video security.

Join us Tuesday, February 12 or Wednesday, February 13 at 1:00pm ET/10:00am PT to learn why and how organizations are rapidly moving to the cloud to enable remote access, support greater scale, and improve usability of video surveillance systems.

We’ll show you how to deploy smart, cloud-based surveillance so simple and scalable that it works for everyone at your organization.

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Verkada simplifies enterprise surveillance for schools, business, and organizations

Hybrid cloud architecture and computer vision combine to create Verkada’s completely unique all-in-one cameras.

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What People Are Saying

We’ve jumped 10 years head, from where we were just a year ago.”
City of Parkersburg, Police Chief

After using Verkada for thirty minutes, you feel like you’ve been using it for years. There isn’t much of a learning curve.”
Zionsville Community Schools

We have the confidence that we’re protected because the Verkada system works as it should. “
Coastal Family Health Center

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Whether you’re a school, doctor’s office, retail store, library, or anything in between, security is essential.

Verkada’s innovative security system makes it possible to embrace the best that 21st century technology has to offer to maximize safety and protection.

Browse this ebook to learn more about the cutting-edge strategies that set Verkada apart from the rest.

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