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Meeting Your Organization’s Needs to Install, Move,

Add,  or Change Technology


Flexible Responses to Your Varied Needs

Your company regularly finds itself needing new technology, larger office space, and so much more. Totality Solutions provides professional IMAC services that seamlessly handle all of your installations, moves, additions, and other changes. Our IMAC services are completed quickly, efficiently, and with minimal disruption to your company’s daily operations.


A technician will diagnose the root cause of your issue and repair the malfunctioning unit.


Whether you are disconnecting existing systems, moving to a new location, or reconnecting in a different place, Totality Solutions is here to help. 


Your company will need to add both hardware and software over time. Totality Solutions offers IMAC services to easily complete those additions. 


Don’t stress about your hardware an software system changes. We will handle your system modifications like hardware upgrades and verification tests to maximize functionality. 


The Totality Solutions Method


 Totality Solutions leads the way in providing reliable, professional, and efficient IMAC services throughout Charleston, South Carolina and the Southeast region. Whether your company is adding workstations, swapping digital displays, changing router configurations, the field technicians at Totality Solutions are prepared to deliver the results you need. 


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