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Managed service provider (MSP)


Streamlining processes and procedures to help your company reap the rewards.


Drive Positive Change

Totality Solutions will thoroughly review your current IT processes and identify specific opportunities to cut costs, work more efficiently, and maximize results. We will also uncover the liabilities and challenges facing your company in order to reduce your risks.  The result is a customized plan that supports the unique needs of your business.

Stay Competitive in the Marketplace

Set your company apart from your competitors. We will help you operate as efficiently and affordably as possible.

Focus On Your Core Business

You need to devote your time and energy to the core components of your business. Let Totality Solutions handle the rest! While you focus on strategies and growth, we will tackle your IT needs.

Benefit From Cutting Edge Technology and Resources

As your MSP, Totality Solutions will utilize the very best tools in order to enhance your company’s processes and procedures. We can reach the goals you cannot achieve alone.


The Totality Solutions Method

Trusting Totality Solutions as your MSP means that you will have a team of IT specialists taking responsibility for your company’s network infrastructure maintenance and support.

We make it possible to reduce the monthly costs involved in your IT upkeep, ensure greater accuracy, reduce risks and liabilities, and streamline processes and procedures. With the improved visibility and insight generated with the help of an MSP, your company can reach its true potential. 


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We are located in Charleston, South Carolina and committed to serving clients across the nation.

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